Harp Concert Fralalai

Datum: 4 mei 2023 - 4 juni 2023
Tijd: 15:00 - 16:30

Het Middenhuis
Fie Carelsenstraat 32
7207 GN, Zutphen

Fralalai is a Harpist, Singer and Artist who uses music as a means to awaken the sacred essence that is within and around us.                              

Through the shimmering strings of her harps, the earthy beat of her drum, the angelic tones and emotional depth of her voice, she serves to connect us with our heart and sensitivity, and to awaken what is magical, mysterious and profound.

Her lyrics are incantations that emanate from archaic memories and enchanted realms, creating a universal language which speaks to the heart; her music is like graceful waves of light, moving with the tides through stillness, wind, storms and peacefulness.

She is inspired by the Bardic path and its living transmission of wisdom and energy that flows through the music, and she is fascinated by Nature, mythical legends and ancient mysticism, which she uses as keys to the divine sacred dimensions.
Her compositions are infused with dreamy Celtic atmospheres, as well as with the emotional intensity of Mediterranean and Middle eastern tones.

Fralalai began her creative path as a visual artist and then moved into music as a direct expression of emotion and as a tool for transformation.  Born in the north of Italy, she is currently based in the Netherlands and she performs Internationally.

Entree: €10,= voor volwassenen en €2,= voor kinderen
De concerttijd is bij benadering!

Voor meer informatie over Fralalai:  www.fralalai.com

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