Building a new world

As humanity pushes towards the brink of the 6th largest extinction, we are faced with a choice to listen and transform, or resist the inevitability of change. Today, Zach Bush, shares his perspective on the end of an era for humanity, and the beginning of a New Earth. He explains the cycle of death and rebirth, and why difficult times is essential for transmutation. He also shares how we can get in touch with our inner knowing, and be the generation that allows for the New Earth to be birthed. We finish the episode with a guided activation, so if you are listening while doing something that requires your full attention – we advise that you skip this part and listen to it later. ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 2:58 The End of an Era 8:56 Earth’s Cycle of Extinction and Transmutation 23:12 Creating a New Earth 36:06 Our Opportunity to Listen 49:42 Embodied Self Expression 58:38 How we can Heal 1:10:00 Overwhelmed to Enlightenment 1:14:49 Guided Activation 1:39:46 Conclusion

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